When A Cypher Is Called “The Purge”.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Since 2011 when the first official cypher came through Lagos, Nigeria via the good people at Black Entertainment Television although marred with blemishes of our ingrained bad belle “Nigerian factor”, it still blessed us. The door then opened to cyphers that have come and gone, and come again but which didn’t add to the fabric of Hiphop kulture beside the fact that it was a few rappers who televised themselves rapping. Other than that, nothing. There’s been the Hennessy Cypher, the Martell Cypher, the “this” cypher and the “that” cyper, to name a few.

But this here, “The Purge” cypher promises one thing. One thing only!

Download the Rap Radio Africa Android app and tune in today at 5pm as #ThePurgeCypher officially drops to find out what as Vector, Payper Corleone and Vader does the long-awaited needful.

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