Rapper Awkword “I Am” Video World Premiere

As the emcee sets out to connect the world through HipHop. He goes through 9 Countries, 4 Continents and cooks up a collaborative HipHop masterpiece.

“I Am” is the latest international collaborative effort from global Hip Hop ambassador, #ProtestMusic artist and #HipHopEd representative AWKWORD, creator of the 2014 album ‘World View’ that featured — for the first time in Hip Hop history — contributions from every continent on earth.

As part of his ongoing effort to connect us worldwide through Hip Hop music and culture, as well as showcase the Motherland, the Diaspora and women in Hip Hop, AWKWORD connected with Nigerian-born Canadian producer Teck-Zilla, Nigerian songstress Maka and French DJ J Hart to recruit an All-Star cast of emcees to join him on the “I Am” Global Posse Cut, including Holstar (Zambia), Wakazi (Tanzania), Five Steez (Jamaica), Modenine (Nigeria), The Assembly (South Africa), Third Eye (Malawi), and Latasha Alcindor (USA).

Aptly entitled “I Am”, the song features 9 emcees sharing truths about their lives in their respective home countries across Africa, the Caribbean and the United States.

WATCH THE VIDEO PREMIERE: www.facebook.com/RealHipHopForever

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