Rapper Spokesman Releases Mixtape With Difference.

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April 7, 2020
April 21, 2021

His name is Spokesman. The mixtape, he calls “Weapons of Mass Instruction” dropped six days ago, yet it feels like it is still coming soon. It left us wanting more.

Jeremiah Aluwong is the willing and brazen Nigerian rapper who brings a different game of solid academic and theologian background to the Hiphop kulture with this new body of work.

A trained seminarian, Spokesman has been in the Nigerian HipHop scene since 2006 and is currently the Head of Missions of LighWk, an international missions outfit geared at using the art skill sets of young people to reach the lost.

On 22nd May 2020, Spokesman released his latest body of work, “Weapons of Mass Instruction” which features artistes like Taj, BriefIllness, and Flamezy. The mixtape is about Jesus Christ being God’s word and God’s weapon in dealing with the world.

”Kingdom Come” the lead single on the mixtape, was produced by Steve Rawd and its video directed by Seun Williams of SW Motionworks. The song admonishes the body of Christ to carry out the great commission Jesus instructed in Matthew 28. “Kingdom Come” actually “brought a tsunami” as he’s “putting lives on the line like wet clothes”…until the kingdom comes. The featured artiste, Flamezy come kuku finish work on the hook as we literally see him rubbing his palms together, walking off in slow-mo as the song closes the album.

The eerie “Against All gods” begins the project with a catholic feel to took us down memory lane soundscape of the Exorcist mixed with a little Holy Communion-hymn as he spits, “He took more stripes on his back…than a black Adidas”. He rages on, “If other gods are God, let them bring light from the tomb/let them stand up and fight for themselves…they can’t/That’s the first reason you must take note/But Jesus, he’s The Lion and the scape-goat/a just judge who’s definitely going to judge sin/look at the cross, it’s justice that the judge bring/a just God, to judge sin, came to die/a just God who just couldn’t let sin slide/who sent his only Son for I, and you and all who was meant to die/…”. Has to struggle to be our favourite joint in the bag.

On the “Last of The Dying Breed” he chides that, “I rap, you rap, I like your rap too/Your rap’s cool but I’m still the head-boy of the Rap School/…”. “The devil hates me, don’t worry I hate him too/The feeling is mutual/…I am lyrical/At the same time, spiritual…”.

On From Iron To Zion”, on the chorus we hear, “We left all the iron for Zion and we’re never going back there again” and we wondered if that was purposely twisted up because it is believed that Zion is a place one would love to return to. Well, we go ask Spokesman when we see am.

Now, on “Talk Back To The Devil” the action-feel song encourages the engagement in the good fight as the featured artiste, Briefillneiss (What a name!) make us fear small. “I don’t only care less/I came here with less care”. Shuo!

There’s so much witticism and dope knowledge on this amazing gift that has been given. A total package for the now.

Lastly, we wished the lead single, “Kingdom Come” should have been track one, setting the pace for #WOMI but as e no dey our hand, we can’t ride the horse.

Devu done enter hot soup for Spokesman hand o.

Follow the builders of this finders-keepers gem piece of a mixtape.

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