Lord T.R. has come into his own with his newest mixtape, “Life of Joe Spazm”.

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March 9, 2018
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March 12, 2018


It was an Aforevo TV (special shouts to CEO; Mr. Murphy) event last week for the legendary Terry The Rapman (a.k.a. Lord T.R.) who dropped the dopest mixtape yet titled “THE LIFE OF JOE SPAZM”. Rap Radio Africa were on ground & had it covered like plaster!

Hiphop was in the building; the legendary B-Elect & Elajoe. XYZ (Str8buttah), the mixtape host, DJ Jimmy Jatt was there in the spirit. Lol. Boogey was on hand, Payper Corleone, ChCh, Stout Louis, IFE, Enigma, Udin, the host with the most Johnny Ray, Coal City fiery spitter Mista Books, Mic Dailie, King (a.k.a. The Wiz), Rapmania, Jigsaw, Matt Cino, Prag, Jaga (Look out for him), Snaz, disable female emcee Omen-Tee, OrdyaKris, Bob Lyrical and a gang of other others.

“Life of Joe Spazm” is actually available for free on all Nigeria’s blogs. It’s on iTunes, Spotify & Apple music as option for buying/streaming.

More photos below.

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